Whole Person/Patient Care

I realize I’m like a dog with a bone at times. When something is bothering me and I feel no one is taking me seriously or listening I get worse. I am “shushed” by my family or simply told to shut up. If they heard me out the first time and maybe said something like “I know that must of hurt you but I’m on your side” or anything like that maybe I wouldn’t still be bothered by the entire mess. Instead I got ” Come on! You’re blowing everything out of proportion!”. Or maybe I have a problem with short men because I said the Dr. had a Napoleon Complex. Not true by the way.

This brings me to the point of Whole Person/Patient Care. It’s done in other countries and in the U.S it’s mostly done in Holistic Medicine and Psychological/Psychiatric Care Centers. It is not done in mainstream medical practices.

When I go to the Urologist he/she only cares about that part of me. Same with the Cardiologist or Gynecologist. This does not help in my case. In fact it does me more harm than good.

If the Urologist had taken time to look in my file and see that I am Bipolar with Conversion Disorder and I also have Celiac Disease things might have went smoother. I might not have been on the ground beside my car crying after the appointment.

He didn’t care about what I had to say. He just wanted to come in, tell me what was going to happen and leave. I couldn’t do it. I could not have anything else to do with the Hospital I had been in. I literally watched my mother die there. The care I got was so bad my friend and her mother wanted to kidnap me out of there. I’ve already gone over the lack of care, comments made about being Bipolar and not taking me to the bathroom. Why would I want to have anything done there again? Absolutely not.

He wouldn’t listen. He just said if I wanted him and “the team” to “live” than that was what I had to do. I told him that he was the only person I had seen besides the nurses and his associate. I asked him if he had privileges at other hospitals why did I have to go to a place I didn’t like? He said he didn’t like it either but that’s where my “team” was. I was getting upset at this time. I said “WHAT TEAM??!!” it was only him. He was getting cockier and ruder by the minute. Again with the “if I want to live” thing. I wanted to ask him if he looked at my file at all. I’m Bipolar, sometimes I don’t know if I want to live or not. He wasn’t making things easier. My meds probably had not been metabolized correctly for quite some time. It’s why I was usually crying. If he had just taken the time to look at me as a person and not a bladder or ureter problem to solve what a difference it would have made.

At the end of the appointment I was crying and begging this person to help me and not hate me. PATHETIC. I think about it now and I’m so embarrassed that I would give anyone that kind of power. There are other doctors but at the time I was scared. I had been told by several doctors that whatever is going on is serious so I panicked. It didn’t give him the right to bully me into doing what he wanted. He was smiling when I left. I was trying not to hiccup from holding back my emotions and tears. I shouldn’t let anyone get to me like that.

If your Doctor isn’t listening to your valid questions or requests, find another one. It’s the best advice I can give.

The Urologist wanted me to go to his Hematology/Oncology doctor. I have my own excellent, caring, understanding Hematology/Oncology doctor that I told him I would be using. Before he could say a word I said “He graduated with you and has an excellent reputation, he was just voted Top Doc in our State I’m sure you wouldn’t have problem with him.” He said nothing. How could he? The guy was in his graduating class and he knew him. The only time I felt in control.

In conclusion Whole Person/Patient Care is a must. The brain greatly effects the body and vice versa. You need to see a person as a complete package not just one part. It will never work if our Healthcare System continues this way. I’m hopeful things will change. There are good doctors out there you just have to find them and see if they take your insurance. lol Sorry that’s whole different problem.

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