What’s The Difference Between Major Depressive Disorder And A Major Depressive Episode?

I didn’t know the difference between the two until I looked up Major Depressive Episode. This is what I thought I have been going through. Now I’m not so sure. See for yourself.

For hand cramping purposes I’m going to shorten Major Depressive Episode to MDE and Major Depressive Disorder to MDD.

Both are legitimate DSM diagnoses. MDE is caused by socio-economic factors and subsides once the stressor is no longer there. This usually lasts no longer than 6 months and happens spontaneously.

MDD is chronic depression with symptoms lasting for most of the person’s life. It frequently occurs with other psychiatric problems like Bipolar Disorder or Anxiety Disorder. MDD can be caused by biological and heredity factors.

They both have the same symptoms. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, suicidal thoughts, frequent crying, change in sleep patterns and eating patterns, physical aches and pains, fatigue and loss of interest in things you once enjoyed doing.

With MDD you are depressed all the time but at different levels. You can be functioning and almost seem happy even when you’re not. Then have a year or more of deep depression. This is where you don’t want to leave the house, shower, and cry often. You may also have suicidal thoughts at this time. The recommended course of action is the usual medications and Psychotherapy. They also recommend ECT.

Hope this helped someone. There is no real solution but someday maybe there will be.

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