Freedom of Speach Doesn’t Apply

I dislike having my blogs monitored and not posted on specific social media sites. I only write what I see as the truth. I try to be as respectful as I can without continuing my doormat behavior. What I WILL NOT DO is change myself in anyway because I happen to hit on home truths that make people uncomfortable. People have no problem making me uncomfortable without apology.

I’m barely keeping my head above water. I’m grieving, I’m extremely ill physically, and yesterday Catatonia was added to my diagnosis. I having trouble sleeping which was the only time everything shut off.  Yesterday I almost said “screw it” and got another dog. But it wouldn’t be fair to my dad or the dog. There is such emptiness I don’t know what to do with it anymore.

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I have lived with Bipolar Disorder since my early teens. I have lived with Social Anxiety Disorder for even longer. I self-medicated with alcohol for over 20 years, that's how long it took to get a diagnosis. I'm open and honest about my mental health so hopefully one day the system will change. View all posts by darie73

2 responses to “Freedom of Speach Doesn’t Apply

  • La Sabrosona

    Strongs my friend. I’m sorry to hear you’re barely keeping your head above water. But I wanted to point out the fact that whatever you’re doing you are coping to some extent because you managed to write a post. You need a certain amount of motivation to do that.Keep writing and reaching out. We’re listening 🙂


    • darie73

      Thank you. I feel like I’m whining but I literally have no one that understands. It takes me a long time to compose a post. I have to have a dictionary and thesaurus next to me and even then it’s difficult. In person people are usually in a rush and can’t wait for me to find the right words or for my stutter to calm down. I’m also a little better at night. Thank you so much! I did visit 2 Chihuahuas up for adoption that are brothers today. But the rescue wants $300 for each dog and they can’t be separated. I wouldn’t anyways. Plus you have to bring your dogs in to see if they get along. That makes no sense. You’re bringing 2 dogs into a new territory of chaos with about 40 other dogs barking of course they won’t act like themselves. The dogs loved me but my dad said no. It’s probably for the best but it brightened my day.


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