American Eugenics

Eugenics is something I knew went on in the past. I was surprised to find out it was still going on in some places in the United States. I am ashamed to call myself a human being because of it.

Eugenics is the compulsory sterilization of the “unwilling and unwitting people” in the U.S. starting in 1907.

These people consisted mostly of (their words not mine) the insane, the feeble minded, the dependent, and the diseased. These Compulsory Eugenic laws were adopted by over 30 states that led to more than 60,000 sterilizations of people they considered unsuitable to procreate. This did not stop until supposedly 1970. The state that used this the most was North Carolina. North Carolina’s Eugenics Board sterilized 7,600 people between 1930 and 1970.

The states thought these people were unable to regulate their own birth control so did it for them permanently. Once this was legitimized, for certain groups, it led to further divisions using race and class. Unfortunately this did not end in the 70’s.

In 2013 a report of incarcerated women found that around 150 of them were illegally sterilized in California prisons. The procedure would be discussed with them while they were giving birth or during another procedure so they would be vulnerable and perhaps under the influence of narcotics given during surgery.

California also didn’t follow procedure regarding who was to pay for these sterilizations. Another no no.

North Carolina became the first state to provide reparations in 2013.

Sterilization is still being used as a bargaining chip in some courtrooms. Often the woman doesn’t realize a tubal ligation isn’t reversible and agrees to the terms. Of the cases involving a man it is often a sex crime. Chemical castration doesn’t make the urge disappear, they just can’t act on it, they can still have power over their victims so the system isn’t really doing anyone any favors there.

The entire Eugenics situation needs to be investigated further. I have no doubt in private facilities it is done more often. You can’t stop something you have no knowledge of.

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