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The Kidney Mystery continues! And so does the drama. Where is House when you need him? I have learned recently that I do not make a great patient when I am in pain and the manic side of me kick’s in. I’ll explain.

I had an ultrasound of my bladder and blood work that didn’t come back great. My Doctor sent me for a Nuclear Pyleograph test of me Kidney function and he received the results on Saturday. He called me from his home and told me to go to the Hospital ASAP to get both stents back in because my kidneys were beginning to fail again. His colleague would do it at another Hospital I’d never been to.

I wasn’t happy. My dad wasn’t home and I didn’t know when he would be. It took awhile to get in touch with my sister who was very concerned with the car situation because my nephews had birthday parties and boy scouts. It’s ok my life is draining away there’s nothing like a good 7 year olds birthday party. (Sorry) I’m still cranky.

We arrive at the Hospital and no one knows what the hell we are talking about. They have to call both Doctors and see what’s going on. At this point I haven’t eaten or drank anything all day. Guess what? Cafeteria is closed and they don’t have a Gift Shop. I finally get a room almost 3 hours later which I share with another woman. I have an IV in because they’re forcing fluids but I can’t eat or drink anything. The Doctor on call there was making them do unnecessary tests and I was even more annoyed. The man asked me what a Hematologist was. He was thinking it was a stomach Dr. and kept telling the staff I had kidney stones. I finally yelled at 2 nurses without meaning to. I had enough. I told them I had every scan and biopsy known to man and I didn’t have kidney stones. I do have some GALLSTONES if they were interested but that was it. After the stents go back in my Dr. is referring me to someone in Boston. This Dr. hates giving up but has exhausted all of his options. So the nurses talked about me for awhile and I could’ve cared less because I still wasn’t sleeping.

For some reason they allowed a family in the next room to stay and have an intervention for their elderly father. He wasn’t agreeing. It was going on 2:40 in the morning when I lost my shit. I stumble out to the nurses station, with pole in hand, a little doped up, to tell them whatever that family is trying to get that old man to do he ain’t doing it and could they please shut up because my back hurts and I have a head ache. I then told them I drank for 20 years I know what surrender sounds like and that isn’t it. I’ve been listening to them since 5:00 p.m. with no give. Just to be honest I was assuming that’s what they were doing for all I know he wouldn’t do Chemo or something. But then all of a sudden the door opens and 15 people come out of the room like clowns from a clown car, including the F*cking Father! They are all smiling and saying goodbye! It was a WTF! moment. I didn’t imagine it because my roommate commented on it the next day.

Anyway I did really well with the anesthesia this time. There was no crying! I was kind of talking too much and laughing at my own wittiness but I’ll take that over wanting to be put back under any day! They did really well. The Hospital itself was super clean and I liked the Dr. that did the operation.

My roommate had been there over a month. She had been in a coma. Her crack addicted husband had left her for someone else. She started drinking herself to death. She is also Bipolar. She hasn’t been diagnosed long and it didn’t take her long to put herself in a coma. My one regret is that I didn’t talk to her more.

What I did do is give her the name of my Dr. because he is one of the better ones in figuring out the medication part. I also gave her some sober options because she had mentioned having problems with meetings. And I gave her some online resources. She likes to bake and do puzzle type things so I gave her places to go for that. Occupying your mind is a big part of staying sober and with Bipolar. My sister kept trying to pull me away while I was doing this. I was having none of this. She likes to pretend I was never at that point in my life when I was lower. I didn’t have a coma to stop me from going lower. Sometimes I wish I had. I hope the woman I met can go forward, it’s harder when your not diagnosed until late and you’ve had so much happen. She has family. I hope it’s enough.

Me? I’ll be shipping off to Boston. (Sorry brother in law for stealing from the competitors) Wait it would be good to steal from them right? Scratch that stealing is bad any way you look at it and I never ever do it except a Snoopy eraser when I was 5 and my mom made me return it. Just a little manic.

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