Wentworth Prison Better Than Orange is The New Black



I don’t know about you but when I watch a show or movie about prison I expect it to be a little realistic. The ratio of attractive women to unattractive women shouldn’t be so ridiculously off you wonder if they arrested only Victoria Secret Models. Don’t get me wrong I watch Orange is The New Black. It’s well written and has a comedic touch. That being said I think you should give the Australian drama Wentworth Prison a try.

The show has been nominated at least 10 times in Australia for best Drama, Best Acting, and Best Director. After watching just one episode you’ll see why. The show is gritty and horrifying. What one human will do to another to survive and get ahead. And that’s just the staff.

The story centers around Bea Smith a woman who attempts to kill her abusive husband. While in prison her young daughter overdoses. This turns her into a hardened, revenge fueled entity. She decides to become top dog in the prison to accomplish her vendetta.

To do that she has to take out some obstacles. One of these is a character known as Franky Doyle. You don’t know whether to hate her or cry for her. You see it in her eyes. A deep pain that is constantly screaming, causing her to lash out at everything and everyone around her.

The main thing I like about this show is it shows some people are worth saving. It also shows some people you can’t no matter how hard you try. Redemption isn’t in the cards for some of us. For some of these characters, like in the show Banshee, you see them accept it. It’s almost beautiful to watch.


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