Thank You Motley Crue!!*


When I first saw Motley Crue they were on the cover of a cassette tape I stole from brother’s gym sock smelling bedroom. At first I thought it was 4 women who REALLY didn’t know how to put makeup on. I kept the tape until the next day so I could show my best friend Wendy.

We listened to the tape together not saying a word the entire time. After we just looked at each other grinning. We had found our people. I bought all of their albums and cassettes I could find. I lied to my brother about the one I had stole from him. Actually I stole 2. Too Fast For Love and Shout at The Devil. That was the beginning for us or maybe it was the end. Who knows? I do know my life hasn’t been as fun since those days.

Some of my favorite Motley Crue songs are:

ALBUM                                                                                 SONG

  • Too Fast For Love                              Live Wire    Piece of Your Action
  • Shout At The Devil                            In The Beginning    Red Hot
  • Theatre of Pain                                   Use It or Lose It  Home Sweet Home
  • Girls, Girls, Girls                                Wild Side All In The Name Of G,G,G
  • Dr. Feelgood                                         S.O.S.  Don’t Go Away Mad

Of course these are not all of my favorites I’m just too lazy to list them all and I didn’t want to put the usual songs even though Home Sweet Home is there. It was my favorite song to sing while drinking and I THOUGHT I was really talented as most of us do when we are drunk and manic.

I’ve seen Motley Crue live about 10 times but don’t hold me to that because my memory isn’t what it used to be. They are a fun band to see live. I remember seeing them one time at Mohegan Sun Casino. We were waiting for the opening act to finish and decided to go get something to eat and of course drink. We were sitting there drinking beer and eating fries when I noticed a tall dark haired gentleman with the bluest eyes. For a second I thought it was Nikki Sixx coming out for some snacks before the show. It was really an Elvis impersonator that had a show there that night also. I said something weird about his Oyster Crackers being rather large and we somehow talked to him for the rest of the night missing the Motley Crue show!! Idiots!!

It’s what I do. I also convinced my best friend to go on a trip to L.A. so we could find Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, or Mick Mars. We would stay on or near the Sunset Strip. We would go to The Rainbow, The Whiskey, the strip clubs, we would do it all. And we did. We didn’t see anyone from Motley Crue but it was still the best vacation I’ve ever had and brought my best friend and I even closer. We still laugh at that trip.

Too bad after that trip things started to go south for me. My behavior became more and more erratic. My drinking more out of control and I was using drugs for the first time. I received my first DUI and saw blood for the first time when I vomited. I was starting fights with people for no reason and then crying nonstop. I did not want to live.

One of the few things saving me at the time was music. Music and thinking about when I was happy. I admitted to myself that I never really was happy. It was either the bullying, fighting at home, abuse from the men I drank with, so on and so on. All the doctors and all the therapists couldn’t put me back together again. But I still had music and memories. It was something to hold on to. I held on to it as hard as I could and I still do.

Thank you Motley Crue for giving me something to hold onto when life isn’t so great. And something to make me smile when it is. It’s been an unbelievable 35 years. Good luck in all that you do in the future.


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