Your Ticket To Work! (LMAO)

I received some information in the mail today from the Social Security Administration. I hate opening this kind of mail because they are usually telling me I’m up for review.

This time it’s to STRONGLY ENCOURAGE those on disability to take part in their Ticket To Work Program. If you can work I’m happy for you and you should have the resources you need to get a job. The way this was worded in one area I found to be somewhat like an “or else” thing and immediately was pissed. Maybe I’m a Conspiracy Theorist after all. I do love Oliver Stone films.

The portion I didn’t like reads as follows:

We conduct reviews of your medical condition to see if you still qualify for disability benefits. If we find that you’re no longer disabled, we may stop your benefits.

If you’re taking part in the Ticket to Work Program, and making timely progress in your return to work plan, we won’t conduct a review of your medical condition. You’ll get more information about these requirements after you sign a plan with an employment network or state vocational rehabilitation agency.

So first you remind me that it’s in your hands if I’m considered Disabled or not. Then you tell me if I agree to do your program YOU WON’T REVIEW ME and I have to sign with a state agency or employment network set up by Social Security where I’ll probably be paid less than what I made shampooing ONE head. Free labor anyone? Sound threatening to anyone else?

How about you pay my medical bills until the Doctors figure out what’s wrong with my kidneys. Or pay for my Bipolar Meds. One of them is $199/month. Or I could sit here and wither away to nothing and my contribution to the “Work Program” can be my body for medical science. This is why I hate the System and sometimes think my Uncle Jimmy had it right when he chose to be homeless and dying. At least then he was left alone without anything hanging over his head.

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