Adult Coloring

There is a new crazy trend folks! You guessed it! Coloring Books for adults! I don’t use crayons, I use colored pencils.

Supposedly coloring can be very Zen and calming. It can also stimulate the brain and help in the fight against Alzheimer’s. I’m not sure it help’s in the fight to save my vision. Some of these pictures are so detailed you would have to have 20/20 vision and the hands of a plastic surgeon to do. These I stay away from!

There are plenty of others to pick from. You can get some for free on the Internet or buy a book of them at Barnes & Noble or your local craft store.

After the trauma of the last two days I thought this was just what I needed. I found myself submersed in colors and not thinking of my dog or my dad. My tongue was sticking out as I tried my best to stay in the lines. Everything was going well until Dutch the Bastard Chihuahua came and stole one of my pencils. The Zen was gone.

I will try again but with better barriers. Sometimes it is the simple things from childhood that can make us forget and be happy again. Twister anyone?

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