I’m not a World Traveler by any means. But I have been to different areas of Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, and California.

Of all my trips L.A. remains my favorite. I should say West Hollywood. I felt like I was more at home than when I was actually home. I was 135 pounds heavier at the time and expected to feel uncomfortable. Instead I was treated like everyone else. It could have been the places I went to. We went to The Rainbow, The Roxy, and The Whisky. I felt comfortable at all of them but The Rainbow was my favorite.

I stayed at a boutique hotel The Chamberlain. I loved it. It had a pool on the roof and the rooms had an unique decor. The staff was friendly and helpful and it was in the perfect area.

The reason I want to take a trip soon is that I find myself disliking the Holidays more and more. I have not received a Christmas present since my mom passed away. I don’t really expect any but I give presents to the people I love anyway.

Every year it’s a battle. My dad wants to pretend that Thanksgiving and Christmas do not exist. I kind of feel the same. The rest of the family (my ex sister in law in particular) hounds him about going to a family member’s house for a celebration. This just upsets him more and I have to deal with it. Then they attack me and want me to force him. I’m not doing it.

I thought this year if I took a trip I could avoid all this. Maybe my sister would have to deal with my dad. Although that didn’t quite work out last time I took a trip. Someone is going to have to step up because life is short.

I don’t want to be morbid but my life expectancy with all of the combined physical and psychological problems I have isn’t exactly high. The fact I have one kidney and compromised autoimmune system isn’t great. I want to stuff while I still can. When I try to explain this I get the brush off. My family doesn’t want to believe me or they just don’t believe me.

I went so far as to show my dad my medical records. He couldn’t comprehend anything it was too much. My sister won’t even bother.

So I’m doing this for myself. That’s if I can work up the courage to actually do it.667087f7bf9fd5aacec140a4407260b8

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  • Sam

    I guess you are fortunate to have so many great destinations without having to cross a national border!

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    • darie73

      Yes I am. But for some reason I always get hassled at airports. My father shares the same name as someone from Ireland that has been red flagged and ever since I traveled with my dad I have to go through the same security issues. Small price to pay though.


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