When I first learned of the West Memphis Three it wasn’t long after their arrest. I was always interested in the unusual, outcasts, or “the reason why” someone may have done something. My father watched 60 Minutes for as long as I can remember. I was usually in the room while he watched. There was a story on John Douglas, one of the first criminal profilers in the FBI. I didn’t move for the entire interview. After that I found his books. I wanted to understand what would make a person do something the rest of society would find so repulsive.

John Douglas would give his profile but also gave the story of the victim and the victim’s family. That is what made his work different and what made him good at his job. He analyzed all aspects of the crime. He joined the FBI in 1970 as a sniper on the local SWAT team and then moved on to a hostage negotiator. Within 7 years he was at Quantico teaching hostage negotiations and applied criminal psychology to new special and field agents. He created and managed the FBI’s Criminal Profiling Program, he’s interviewed serial killers and violent sex offenders from around the country learning something new with each one. He’s been asked to consult on various criminal cases and his opinion is highly regarded.

John Douglas was asked to look at the West Memphis Three case.

On the outside, without any of them speaking, I knew people would automatically see them as guilty. They looked like most teenage boys in the 90’s. Dirty, not the sharpest tools in the box, and 2 had longish hair. They were outcasts, came from low income families, dressed differently, Echols supposedly always wore a black trench coat, and they listened to Metal music. Wow that pretty much describes everyone I knew in the 90’s including some fascination with the Occult. thzpnpzncfthsk4mn5yf

Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley Jr., and Damien Echols were all charged with the murders of three little boys in a wooded area of West Memphis, Arkansas. If you want the gruesome details about the deaths you will have to go somewhere else because I’m not providing them. They would be horrendous for any parent to have to live through. The fact that crime scene photos and up close autopsy photos are online sickens me.

There have been celebrities and organizations that believed in the innocence of the three teenagers and campaigned for their release for years.

They did make a plea bargain to get out of prison after serving about 18 years.

One of the problems I have is the targeting of the Celebrities that may have provided support to the West Memphis Three. To insinuate that Henry Rollins had something to do with his room mates death years ago because he has certain tattoos and supported the WM3 is the most ABSURD THING I’VE EVER HEARD.

It isn’t only absurd it’s despicable. Yet this is where the minds of people with too much time on their hands go to. There is also the real possibility that most of these people would like to have the same admiration or think that the power and admiration of said celebrities is undeserved. The only other route I could explore would involve Psychology/Psychiatry. Not Satan, spells, sacrifices, incantations,  or orgies. There’s a reasonable explanation for everything.

These topics are so complex that it’s hard for me to stay coherent and organized in my thought process. But I’ll try because subjects like this are important to me. Why? Because it could happen to anyone.

I have read the case files for the West Memphis Three. This included handwritten statements, Detective’s notes, transcribed reports, interviews and polygraph results. I found way too many inconsistencies and Detectives that were so blatantly leading the witnesses during interviews I thought I was reading a badly written piece of fiction.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.







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