I recently listened to a radio podcast where the people speaking were discussing Twitter. A person was trying to get herself unblocked. One of them asked why “am I blocking this cute girl with tits” this is not an exact quote but close to it. They were looking at other followers and commenting on how he would usually follow a cute girl with tits. By the way I hate the word “tits” for some reason. I don’t know why I always have.

I was once a size 42DD and it wasn’t attractive at all. Some men were fascinated by them but forgot that real breasts that large are not like porn breasts of the same size. There is gravity at play and other factors. Sorry guys I don’t mean to spoil it for you but that’s the way it is. Women with real large breasts are going to have some sagging and most likely some stretch marks thrown in also. Deal with it.

My neck, shoulders and back hurt constantly. I consulted a few of the best Doctors about getting a breast reduction. Unfortunately even after I did all of my homework he still botched the job. He took me from a 42DD to a 40 barely B. For someone of my shape and bone structure I looked absurd. Now it isn’t so bad because I’m smaller.

I am still left with scars that are significant. They bother me physically and emotionally. I let my sister see them for the first time a year ago and she cried. I had the surgery over 11 years ago. When she finished crying her first words were “I would support you if you wanted to get implants even though I’m against them”. Thanks for loving me the way I am.

When I take selfies I focus on my best assets. My hair, eyes, smile, etc. I have also been told that I have great legs and my ass isn’t bad either but I’m not taking selfies of them.

You learn the most about a person from their eyes. So like them or don’t but this is me.

Ok, I’m showing my legs but I cut myself shaving so they aren’t that great. The one with Sebastian Bach isn’t great either but these are all I could find.

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