I have always liked to research anything that I’ve found interesting or had some kind of link to human behavior. I’m like a dog with a bone sometimes. I can get too focused on one thing. Some people find this annoying. I don’t really care. I do it for me.

Living in my own bubble I hadn’t realized how many so called “experts” or “theorists” were out there trying to link the freedom of the West Memphis Three with a Hollywood or Celebrity conspiracy theory. The only basis for such a theory was the support given, tattoos, and maybe a shared idealism or taste in music. Because all of us who like Rock/Metal worship Satan and sacrifice animals in secret ceremonies. We then hide it by supporting The Humane Society to cover our tracks. (Sarcasm)

I have read the case files from when the murders happened. The witness statements, polygraph results, and notes from the investigating detectives. It wasn’t easy to do because they are at best sloppy. I’m going to show one that Detective Ridge did with Tiffany Allen on 10/07/93. She was 13 years old at the time of questioning. Try to remember what you were like at that age. I am not a lawyer but I am going to Object at times where I see fit or make an observation.

Ridge: Do you know of a Satanic Group that exists at Lakeshore?

Allen: No, sir

Ridge: You don’t know of one at all?

Allen: No, sir

Ridge: Now the talk is that one does exist and there are things that happen

Allen: Yes, sir

Ridge: Where are those things happening?

OBJECTION: Asked and Answered If she said she doesn’t know of one but he tells her there is talk of one existing and she replies “yes, sir” that is not an affirmation of knowledge that is a scared young girl in a police department being questioned by an adult male and not wanting to displease him.

Allen: It should be in a field behind the old um, the old sewage plant back there

Ridge: Ok, uh do you know when that occur was it daytime, nightime, have you ever seen kids out there or anything like that?

OBJECTION: Leading the witness. She says she doesn’t know about it but comes up with a place where if something like that were to happen it would happen she still denies seeing anyone out there the Detective suggests times of day these incidences could occur she just has to pick which one he might be leaning towards.

Allen: No,sir 

Ridge: You haven’t?

Allen: It should occur at night time

Ridge: But?

Allen: But I haven’t seen anybody out there

Ridge: Ok, but you heard that a group exists?

Allen: Uh-huh

Ridge: Satanic Group?

Allen: Yes, sir

Ridge: You believe one exists, but you don’t know who those members are is that correct?

Allen: Yes, sir

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more misleading interview in my life. Tiffany Allen clearly states at the beginning that she has no knowledge of a Satanic Group but once Detective Ridge tells her that “everyone else knows that one exists” she still sticks to her answer of no. Unfortunately he threw her a confusing question as if she had said yes by asking where these “things were happening”. She was hesitant in her response and didn’t sound sure. She first said she didn’t know when they would they would occur but when Detective Ridge responds quickly with choices and doubts her answer she finally says “night time”. A clusterf*ck if I ever saw one.

James Bailey put in a handwritten statement these exact words:

Damien always wore a black trench coat all the times I saw him. I saw Damien once at Vickie’s trailer Jessie went there a lot I heard Vickie’s son was Damien’s half brother.

This handwritten statement was turned into this:

Bailey states that every time he saw Damien he was always wearing a long black coat even if it was hot outside. He had heard that Damien was a Devil Worshipper.

Odd how “Devil Worshipper” doesn’t appear anywhere in the Bailey’s written statement.

There is one other thing I’ll mention briefly. Jessie Misskelly Jr. had an IQ of between 68-72 at the time of questioning. This would put him at a diminished capacity. I’m not 100% sure on these facts and if they were used at trial because I couldn’t find any information that was neutral to the case.

I’m still going through statements and notes from Detectives. There does appear to be one Detective who pushes people to speak against Echols no matter the cost.west-memphis-10

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