Entitlement And The First Amendment

We have reached a point in our Society where too many people feel a certain amount of entitlement. They feel they are entitled to say whatever they want to whoever they want without any thought to who it may hurt.


You are allowed to express yourself without interference or constraint by the government.


Fighting Words~ speech that would incite hatred or violence.

Advocating Illegal Activity~ speech encouraging others to engage in illegal activity.

There are limitations placed on speech like obscenity and defamation which are monitored but not prohibited.

When Social Media came along the Supreme Court had to take another look at the First Amendment but found that most of the responsibility would fall into the hands of the FCC who already had their hands full. Most of the sludge that should be flagged slips through their fingertips.


Lately when I go on YouTube or Twitter I find myself in a state of anger or disbelief. I become defensive on behalf of someone I either don’t know or if I do I can’t say it and defend them. It drives me crazier!!!! (I don’t want to hear about how I wrote the word crazy when I am crazy and I can call myself that if I want)

Maybe there should be a test given before you are allowed free reign over the internet or social media. Some of the test would involve IQ type questions and some psychological type questions. Makes sense to me because then I don’t feel the need to make an ass out of myself defending a good person you just called an “irrelevant teen without a soul sell out douchebag”. Green Day members are all in their 40’s! Who’s the American Idiot??! Irrelevant? Does Bono call you and talk about what you both can do to help a charity or cause? Didn’t think so. Irrelevant? Did you take a Punk/Rock album to Broadway??!!

I know I go on about this stuff but these are actual people that were once children. Some of them had great childhoods, some of them didn’t. Some worked their asses off to get where they are. Some have never forgotten who helped them along the way.

Look, I personally know some people that I do not have permission to name. They are great people. One in particular. He made sure my sister and her boyfriend had a couch when they needed one, he wants to be treated like a regular person when he visits and has stayed at their house enjoying the kids, he spent time with a homeless drug addict dying from AIDS (my Uncle Jimmy) when he didn’t have to, and he helped make my sister’s wedding even more special than it already was. Even though another Uncle asked for 50 autographs to sell on Ebay. He didn’t mind. My sister likes to keep up appearances. She doesn’t have to. Yes, some are assholes and act like it. But you don’t know what they have been through or what their real lives are like. Because they are on Facebook or Twitter doesn’t mean it’s open season to take petty shots at them anymore than it would be to do the same to me or anyone else.


I just don’t understand the trashing/bashing of celebrities that you chose to follow or chose to watch for the sole purpose of trying to embarrass or humiliate them.

In case you don’t realize it you’re a gnat, a flea in their universe, you only manage to annoy people like me. A thing that is highly ill advised given my fragile state. Wait? Did I over exercise my First Amendment Right?th



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