I was watching Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER this morning. I believe she is based in Florida where the laws about owning exotics are less strict. There was something that upset me to the point I found myself crying and swearing at the TV.

A man called ahead to say he was bringing in one of his Marmosets that he found at the bottom of it’s cage not moving. He thought she was having a miscarriage.

When he arrived one of the techs asked for the Marmosets name. His response was “Ten”. The tech was confused and asked him again. He said “Ten like the number”. I could see her facial expression change to one of disgust. This poor animal was just a number to this guy, a way to make money.

It was heartbreaking to watch them try to save that tiny animal when it was already lifeless to begin with. I wasn’t surprised the animal passed if it was being kept by itself in a cage. If the man knew anything about Marmosets he would know that they are highly social and need companionship of other Marmosets to be healthy.

They also can’t be in small enclosures because they are active and need stimulation. Normally they live in family groups of 3 to 15 and love to “scent mark”.

It’s cruel to keep an animal like this in a cage by itself because you see it as a money maker.

Exotic and Wildlife Laws are difficult and vary state to state. I believe some people are qualified to handle exotics for the correct reasons but other people are not.

People like my father who helped Endangered Bird Species with a permit from the Federal Government I understand. I don’t understand how our State can step in and prevent him from helping animals when he has a Federal Permit. That makes no sense to me. If someone calls with an injured Red Tailed Hawk my dad can’t help even though he has the ability to. It’s a state law. But in Florida you can breed Marmosets, Squirrel Monkeys, and Kinkajous. To me this is ridiculous.

We are already losing so many of our animal species why do we allow people without the knowledge or training to breed and sell these beautiful animals that will only end up dying?

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  • updownflight

    I hope there is a way to make that stop. It’s so wrong.

    I am a bird lover. I am fine with owning certain birds as long as they are treated well. Well, of course that even goes for any pet even like a cat or dog. I don’t understand why people buy/adopt them and ignore them like some miscellaneous stuff.

    I remember when I first adopted my Pacific Parrotlet, we only saw him in the mornings and evenings. That’s sort of the bare minimum, as they are social animals, too. Although I have not wanted to be on disability all of these years, I will say that my sweet birdie boy and I had a symbiotic relationship. He was my emotional support animal, and I had him out with me playing with him, cuddling, and spoiling. When my hubby was home, he had two spoilers.

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    • darie73

      It’s difficult when a person has the best intentions but the situation gets out of control. I’m going through that with my Dad now. He still thinks he’s 30 and healthy enough to take care of the Fancy Pigeons he has. He isn’t and both the birds and my dad are suffering for it. But he’s a stubborn almost 74 year old man that won’t be told what to do. My twin handles it the WRONG way by making threats. She does the same to me and I don’t like it. My way works better by slowly allowing him to realize he’s hurting what he loves he has given some away.

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    • updownflight

      I’m glad you’re influencing your dad in a positive and effective way, darie73.

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  • jumpingcrocodiles

    It disgusts me that people can treat animals like that, as just another number and potential source of income.

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  • Migraines From Hell

    AAAh, I can’t watch shows like that! So upsetting and it stays with me.

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