I tried to own my actions with my brother in law when I talked to my sister last night. It backfired. My sister started yelling a lot and some of it I blocked out. She did say “Every time we talk it’s about death or health when I just want to have a normal conversation! If you wanted to die that bad you should’ve done a better job all those times you tried! I’m sick of hearing all this bullshit!” I hung up. I was trying to take responsibility and show that I’m aware that what happened was partly my fault when I had been blaming my brother in law for the entire thing.

My brother in law was the smallest in his class and went to a school where he was one of the few white kids. He was made fun of or beaten daily. He was also sexually abused at a young age. As he got older he had problems with how he saw his body and an eating disorder followed. The only time he felt comfortable was when he played guitar and drank with his friends.

Music became his life and so did alcohol. He became best friends with a group before they became famous and they treated him like family. They all drank together. They all had their problems. He started to spiral when it looked like his music career wasn’t going to be what he thought it would be. To him music was everything, it was validation that he wasn’t nothing. I understand that now. I understand so much of it now and all I want to do is cry.

Instead I’m scolded again and another person in 48 hours says something similar to how maybe I should’ve done a better job years ago so I wouldn’t still be here. What do you say to that? How am I supposed to feel? I can’t stop stuttering or shaking. I have to hide my tears so I’m not yelled at. I want to go home. I am home.

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  • bethanyk

    What your sister said to you is beyond unacceptable

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  • Cynthia

    Kudos to you for owning and taking responsibility for your actions and part in things. I wouldn’t really say it backfired. Disappointing and discouraging for you, for sure. But you can’t control your sister’s or anyone else’s responses. Even when you are trying to do the right thing. You are the only one you can change, and it seems like you are trying to do that. We all should have done better years ago, but at least we are doing that now. Keep on going and don’t let anyone hold you back in the past. Your future is full of hope, light and promise!

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    • darie73

      Thank you. I expect too much from myself and I also think everyone would feel and do the same as me. I forget that I feel too much and remember more bad than good for a longer time. I can’t expect what people aren’t capable of doing, being, giving. I don’t think I’m making sense. lol


    • Cynthia

      Whether you are making sense or not, you are reflecting on your own behaviours and expectations, as well as the other people you are interacting with. That will help you determine what is working and isn’t working and what you can change and can’t change. So that is a positive thing. Now it is me that isn’t making sense. Basically, I just want to encourage you to hang in there!

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