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I’m taking a little break from writing about Mental Health/Addiction/Physical Health. I think it might help me feel better to think about something else or subjects not directly related to me. So this is what I’m starting with.

H.J. RES. 69

H.J. Res. 69 would revoke regulations that help to protect wolves, bears, and other carnivores on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska. If it succeeds Alaska can authorize the killing specifically of Wolf mother’s in their dens with their pups, Bear mother’s in their dens with their cubs, illegal and cruel trapping methods, baiting, and shooting at these animals from airplanes without even knowing if they’ve been given a quick death or left fatally wounded to suffer and die.

The reasoning behind this is to drive down the numbers of Native carnivores in order to inflate game populations. Why the need to inflate game population? Hunting and Tourism.

On February 17, 2017 the House of Representatives  passed H.J. Res. 69. Next it will got to the Senate.


After I had ECT a few years ago I was leaving the house often. I would find animal refuges or reputable zoos that were working to increase the populations of Endangered Species. One zoo I went to had a pack of wolves in a large beautiful, as close to their natural habitat as you can get, enclosure. Kind of an oxymoron it’s still an enclosure. They had a rocky mountain with a waterfall and plenty of places to hide.

There was a large family with a crying baby standing there when I arrived. I knew right away that I wouldn’t be seeing the wolves while the family was there. I waited 45 minutes for them to leave.

When I was the only one there I stood quietly with my head down showing submission. One by one the wolves started to come down from their hiding places and up to where I was standing. They sniffed around and I made a few of their noises still keeping my head down. They started to sit and that was when I knew I could lift my head. I didn’t even realize I had tears on my face. The acceptance without having to pretend I’m something I’m not and never will be. The feeling of being free that I only got with alcohol I now found with these animals. I stayed for 2 hours without anyone else bothering us. I didn’t even take pictures because I didn’t want to scare them away like I do everyone else.db33b150701b2153ec96a3bfac90fd7f


My Pomeranian has Epilepsy, she was diagnosed with it when she was about 3 years old. There is nothing that makes you feel more helpless than watching an animal have a seizure. We also did everything we were not supposed to do.

That’s what happens when you panic. People that love their pets only want to comfort them in a time of crisis not realizing that they’re making things worse.


Epilepsy is common in people and animals but diagnosing and treating the problem isn’t that easy, specifically in animals. The cause of seizures in dogs can range from tumors, parasitic infection, head trauma to nutritional deficiencies and toxins (lead, moldy food, medications). A complete workup has to be done to rule out underlying causes before a Veterinarian can diagnose an animal with Epilepsy.

Once a diagnosis of Epilepsy is made early treatment is crucial. Each seizure an animal has increases the likelihood of more seizures and makes them harder to manage.


Seizures usually have phases. The Pre-ictal Phase happens before a seizure. Many dogs will exhibit behavior not normal to their usual demeanor. Some will pace, pant, bark at things that are not there, and show anxiety. Some see an “aura” that they bark at.

The time after a seizure is the Post-ictal phase and can last minutes to hours. They are usually disoriented and fatigued.


There are a million and one opinions on what to do while your pet is having a seizure. It’s normal to want to comfort your pet. But it will only make things worse.

During a seizure, you need to allow your pet to have the seizure without interfering. Research shows that when a pet is stroked or held this actually prolongs the seizure and causes more seizures. There really is no logical reason why.

You can use a frozen bag of vegetables to cool down the head and back of the neck. Slide the frozen vegetables from the back of the head down the neck towards the spine. This usually stops the seizure and helps to prevent further seizures.


Daisy is my dog with Epilepsy. She’s older now and has been on Phenobarbital for years. It doesn’t work as well as it used too. Once in awhile she has a day where she will have several seizures. The only solutions we have found that work are the frozen vegetables and Klonopin. I came up with this solution and it works for us. She’s 12 years old and the Veterinarians are not really interested in the quality of life of an old Pomeranian. She was my mom’s dog and I love her, so I’m interested and I’ll do what it takes as long as she isn’t suffering. She loves to eat and plays with the Chihuahua so for now I think she’s still happy. I’ll be the first one to take the necessary steps if I think differently. I know my Dad won’t because he equates Daisy with my Mom which is kind of ridiculous considering my Mom never really liked animals she just thought Daisy was cute and would cheer her up. (Yes I do think my Mom was Bipolar) But that’s how my Dad thinks. They were made for each other that I know for sure. I’ll show you Daisy. I don’t think she’s a full Pomeranian, actually I’m pretty sure she isn’t but she’s beautiful anyway.10648424_10205239024322028_7639272352034076795_o

All My Favorite Animals

f703f6dcd9b359e3b34f5680d5349814DSC00679 (3)10623378_10205647363970264_3076451896837428676_o (2)10648424_10205239024322028_7639272352034076795_o10479044_328649600592897_7853641087738323132_o105 Tiger892660_10203801699029794_3447531159712272375_o (1)DSC00972 (2)All photos were done by me. The dogs are mine and the Fancy Pigeon is my dad’s. The Chipmunk was in my yard. The Anteater and Tiger were in Naples, Florida. I don’t usually go to zoos unless I research them first.

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