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Today I have received four phone calls informing me that my Social Security Number is once again suspended. If you read my previous post you know this has happened before and I reported it to three different agencies. The man threatened to send prostitutes to my house using my name online, open false bank accounts and buy weapons, and open credit cards. I admit I didn’t take it well when he got to the weapons part. I informed him he wouldn’t get far buying weapons with my Social Security number because I’m Mentally Ill and have bad credit. What I do have is a certificate in crazy and a brother who works in the Government and would be happy to track his ass down in India so I can visit. I also have a close friend who lived with a specific religious sect that would gladly help also. I admit I felt threatened and backed into a corner.

When I feel like this I either lash out or crawl so far into myself it takes days or weeks to come out. This time I lashed out.

Needless to say the Government did nothing. I’m not really surprised. I gave them the phone number, the names used, everything that was said and they didn’t ask for any of it!

So now I start getting the phone calls again only this time I just don’t care. I feel kind of done. I’m tired of being yelled at or ignored. I’m tired of apologizing for my existence, what I’ve said, didn’t say, what I’ve done or didn’t do. It’s constant, this need to say “I’m sorry” all the time.

It makes me feel weak and pathetic. Feelings I dislike immensely.

Everything has an effect on me, from movies, TV, music, social media, small conversations and other people’s moods. I┬áliterally jump when my Dad enters the room and says my name now. I can feel his anxiety and irritability like a fog around me. I start to feel the same and it never ends well.

I’m practically begging people to talk to me or like me. When I was drinking I could’ve cared less who liked me for many years. Now I feel loneliness like a thousand paper cuts healed and done again the next day.


I have Medicare because I’m on permanent Disability. I hate anyone knowing this because it’s automatically assumed that I’m taking advantage of┬áthe system or I haven’t paid my dues or I’m lazy.

I started working at 12 years old and went on the books legally at 14. I’ve always worked hard and never had a time where I didn’t work. I worked from 14 until 36, the majority was 40 hours or more a week. For 13 years I had to work a minimum of 45 hours a week and it usually ended up being 50 or more. But I still feel ashamed.

Recently I started receiving messages saying my Social Security number was invalid because someone might be using it. I know that Social Security will never call you about something like this so I went on their website. There was a security alert about a recent scam and it said to let them know if it happens to you.

I filled out a form and explained the messages I had recently received. Two days later I get another phone call from the same people. I decided to call Social Security and actually speak to someone. After being on hold for an hour I finally spoke to a man and told him the situation. He didn’t ask for the number the calls were coming from or the name being used, he didn’t even ask my name. He told me not to worry about it if I filled out the form. I told him the form didn’t ask for much information and he told me not to worry. At this point I was a little annoyed.

I wasn’t worried because with my Credit history they weren’t going to get far. I just felt uneasy.

A few days later the phone rings and it looks like a local number so I answer it. It’s a man with an Indian accent saying my Social Security number has been compromised. I tell him I know it hasn’t and that I filed a complaint with the Chief Inspector for Fraud.

While I was saying this I heard him say “Do you know what I can do to you?”. Red flag! Red flag! I should’ve hung up but I heard a threat. So I asked “What did you just say?” and he responded “Do you know what I can do to you?” and I said “No, what?” He went on to tell me how he was going to send prostitutes to my house using an online service, open false bank accounts and credit card accounts, last but not least he was going to buy weapons. He already had my social security number, birth date and address I didn’t give it to him.

What he was looking for was for me to pay him not to use my information.

Medicare had a breach in their system awhile ago and said everything was okay. I guess not. I was furious, I don’t respond well to threats anymore, when he brought my Dad into it I flipped. He asked how he would respond to the neighbors finding out prostitutes were coming to out house.

I lost it. I told him 1. He wouldn’t be able to find any prostitutes in my area that make housecalls. 2. My credit score is so low he couldn’t get a credit card for the $1 store and I’m bankrupt. 3. I’m on Medicare for a mental illness so good luck trying to buy a weapon. 4. In the U.S. being crazy gives you a get out of jail free card and my brother works in computer programming for the Federal Government so if he does anything my brother will track his IP address and I have always wanted to see India I have a good friend living with monks there.

At this point he sounded a little bit afraid. I had reached my breaking point. I had medication building up to toxic levels and I was done holding it all in. Of course I wouldn’t go to India I don’t have a passport. I do have a friend that was born in India and lived with Monks for a few years. He also graduated from Harvard early and Rensselaer early. He studied Sanskrit for years too. I would never involve him.

I notified the people in charge that this time I was threatened with these people buying weapons using my personal information. Did they care? NOPE!

If I was elderly and in the early stages of dementia I would’ve given them what they were asking for. That’s the problem. They were not expecting someone who is smart enough to know it’s a scam. It makes me angry that not one person I contacted cared.

So I have to say we are doing one hell of job.

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