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The Dragon Loyalty Award!

I won the Dragon Loyalty Award! Very exciting! It was presented to me by blahpolar diaries.







I have been diagnosed as Bipolar I with Conversion Disorder. I also have Celiac Disease and now Acute Renal Failure and for some unknown reason ureteral wall thickening which is causing the Kidney Failure. Now for the fun stuff. I love animals and photographing them, I’ve given CPR to 3 different dogs and inoculated 150 Fancy Pigeons with a hypodermic needle. I also make jewelry. I did it for a living when I was young now it’s a hobby. I sometimes give it away for free. I love obscure art. I love to take photos of cemetery pieces, the marble statues are beautiful to me. I binge watch TV shows. I love movies and books. Sometimes I read 2 books a night. I don’t always remember what I’ve read but enjoy it while I read it. The Dragon Loyalty Award!


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