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It’s almost Halloween. I don’t like to get my nephews too much candy. When I was in a store the other day I noticed a game played with a certain name brand jelly bean. When you flick the spinner it will stop on a color of jelly bean. Take Brown for instance, it will be either Chocolate or Canned Dog Food. The White one was either Coconut or Spoiled Milk. I also bought my sister a gift set for her hair because I had been to the place where I use my license to get a discount on the Salon Brand Name products. Her hair wasn’t exactly great last time I had seen her but I didn’t say anything. I’m done doing her hair and a month and half later instead of her calling me to do the roots she buys a $3 box color and ruins her hair. She now has about 2 inches of white and light pink roots with some grey. Not what she was going for. My mouth stays shut.

She called me while my nephews played the jelly bean game with their friends. Hearing their laughter, hearing them say how much they love me, was the happiest I’ve been in a long time. A few minutes later my sister starts to dry heave. Just the smell of the spoiled milk one was getting to her. She had to hang up fast. The kids handled it fine. The adult, not so much. lol

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