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I’m Not Always Miserable!

I am always at my worse in the morning and at night. It doesn’t leave a lot of time in between. I do try to do things to occupy my mind and take myself somewhere else. I don’t want to be negative all the time. I’m aware that it effects those around me. Who wants to be around someone that is constantly complaining about their illnesses? It’s draining on everyone. So these are the things that I do. I look at art. I’m picky about art. I make jewelry and look at antique jewelry. I take photographs. I love to take photos. I love animals and will learn about specific ones. If I’m up to it I’ll go to a sanctuary or zoo with a breeding program for endangered species. I think cemetery art is beautiful. I love the ocean. I too most of these photos except for the piece of Kris Kuksi  art.  q1f1e420dd841bec2b251b522f25ea9cf0acc33b804f5620ca5ed1ccf5f1926c97105 Tiger1398004_10202873706070550_113559375_o

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