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There are a few things that make me giddy with happiness.

Aerosmith or Steven Tyler in general. The lyrics and Steven Tyler’s whimsical, but also sage attitude.

Wolves- having the experience of spending time alone with them. Having them come to you when they wouldn’t come down for anyone else. The time spent too short but also sad because of where they were.

Making other people like me feel better. If I am to live my life in a 12 foot dark hole with no way out for most of the time than I am for damn sure going to help alleviate the pain of other people like me or die trying.

Any music that moves me with it’s lyrics. I wish I had the talent of a lyricist or a strong vocalist.

A Movie or TV Show that has a lasting impact. Something I can look forward to every week. There isn’t much. James Spader in the Blacklist is the first in a long time. His character is mesmerizing. I’ve always enjoyed Mr. Spader’s work. Of course there was always Sons of Anarchy and Justified. The music from S.O.A. was always impeccable. The song always fit the scene to a t. Justified was always overlooked. There was excellent writing and acting. Walton Goggins is so incredible even on S.O.A. Why he didn’t win awards is beyond me.

It sounds petty and it is. It makes me happy when someone realizes that I wasn’t being over dramatic, too sensitive, that my “insight” or “intuition” wasn’t “crazy” and I was correct all along.

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