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I’ve tried to get feedback from my sister but as you probably know she doesn’t respond often. But I do what I like. I mostly use Swarovski Crystals, Sea Glass and Natural Beads. The design concept is mine and I do the looping and linking by hand. I’m going to try to do some of the findings, years ago I used to glue the Swarovski Crystals into the pieces for large companies. There was little ventilation and some damage was done but I think as long as I only do small pieces I’ll be okay. I might even try to solder. The fumes from that aren’t the best either but my brain can’t get much worse so why not? I did a lot of antiquing when I worked in the jewelry factory also but I noticed it’s done differently now. It’s good to see they don’t use so much acetone anymore.

New Jewelry And My Ego

Here are a couple of pictures of some earrings I made recently and a “bar” necklace. I’m still working on the look of the “bar” necklace. The ego part is me thinking¬†my post about Sean Penn deserves to be published. lol I just read it again and thought ” Wow that’s good”. My medications really are NOT working. But I’m not as down as I was yesterday.

New Pic (Didn’t Like The Old)

I really didn’t like the original photos of these earrings so I took some new shots. They’re done on an antique kerosene¬†parlor lamp with a flowered globe on top and a bronze cherub holding it up. From my father’s collection. The dust is original.DSC01153 (3)DSC01153 (2)

Jewelry For Therapy

Feathers are back!DSC01146DSC01138DSC01142DSC01129 (2)Not my best photography but I was in a hurry. Better next time.

Jewelry Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Made these over the last few days. I’m having trouble with colors lately so hopefully they look ok. My dad says he likes them the best but he loves birds so he’s biased. Don’t worry none of his birds donated any of the feathers! DSC01129 (2)DSC01132 (3)DSC01135DSC01133 (3)

Jewelry Therapy “She Sells Seashells”


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