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Something Good

Yesterday my father and I did something we have not done in over a year. We had a regular conversation where we bantered back and forth like we used to. Granted it was about Gargoyles but I’ll take what I can get. He insisted the pictures he found online were Gargoyles while I insisted they were Goblins. I’m the expert in these matters so I don’t know why he was disputing my theory. We were in a race on our computers to find accurate pics to prove our points. We were both laughing. I was laughing because he doesn’t know how to use his stylus so he jabs it to the point you think it’s going to go through the screen. He’s like that person waiting for an elevator that keeps punching the up button. It’s hilarious. Poor thing. It felt good to have him back for that small amount time. Joking and being sarcastic. I was happy. 28077_452145291513946_566614836_n

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