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Some Updates and Important Info You Should Know!

Some of you may not know that the Dr. you see is hooked up to a community of doctors all in different specialties and fields. Say you go to your Allergy doctor and you disagree on your course of treatment. He in turn puts in your chart (electronically) that you are a difficult patient or a “problem” patient. Now you need to see a Gynecologist. A few are referred to you but you do not hear back from them. You wonder why. It may be because when they looked up your insurance or name your visit with the Allergy doctor popped up. They in turn do not want to deal with a “problem” patient. You have just been “blackballed”. Some of the Doctors in that network probably won’t see you. You rocked the boat, you questioned what they were doing. The doctors who are open minded and want you to ask questions will take you on. The others won’t.

You might be thinking that I’m a Conspiracy Theorist. I never have been until now. It started when I questioned a Urologist about why my future procedures HAD to be done at a specific hospital when he had privileges at other hospitals in the area. It was in my chart that I am diagnosed as Bipolar. When he read this his attitude changed dramatically.

I tried to explain why I didn’t feel comfortable at that hospital. He cut me off. He told me if I wanted to live and have him as my doctor that is where it would be done. His berating me went on for 10 minutes. In that time I felt like I had done something wrong. I felt I was being punished for something but I didn’t know what. At the end of the appointment I humiliated myself by crying and begging for his forgiveness. His attitude changed again to one of almost cockiness. Of course I would see things his way.

The day of my multiple biopsies I was scared and had no one with me. He announced to everyone who would be in the room that I was “A demanding one! Whoee! You’ve never seen someone SO demanding!”. The head of Anesthesia replied “She won’t be doing that in MY HOSPITAL!” And they took me away. So began my label as a “problem patient”.

What he never took the time to find out is that my mother died there. She died a horrific death in that hospital. My last stay there was filled with neglect and bullying. Nurses who made fun of my Bipolar Disorder and said it would be a “great way to lose weight and maybe they should pretend to have it”. This was said in front of me, like I didn’t exist. My sister heard it and was ready to punch someone out. They also with held my Bipolar medications. For no reason except their pharmacy didn’t carry it.

So the doctors under this network won’t take me as a patient. Luckily I have 1 well respected doctor who’s reputation is well known. He has told me from the beginning to advocate for myself. He also says if any Doctor tells you different, RUN! I have taken that advice seriously. I am a human being, I deserve respect, I am scared. What are you going to do about it?

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