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I find myself writing about topics I said I never would. The time where you could hide your head in the sand has come to an end. My friend W is in for a rude awakening. I called her “The Ostrich”.

When it comes to Donald Trump I am going to pretend it never happened. He is not my peer, if he had his way I would probably be sterilized and sent to an island. No worries Mr. Trump, I can no longer have children due to medical reasons not mental.

I would be seen as the weak Giselle in the herd. The weak are left behind. If you fall back you are the meal. This is I believe the concept in the cutthroat world of business. Mr. Trump will bring this same mentality with him to the White House.

Instead of “No man left behind” it will become “Screw them if they don’t have what it takes”. Pride and Individualism to all.

Get ready. It’s a dangerous time. A man with no morals, no respect for others, and in the control seat. Exactly what our country needed. If I could I would move to ? Who the hell knows anymore.  Dutchie the Chihuahua is way happier than I am.

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