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COULD YOU HAVE THE BRAIN OF A PSYCHOPATH/SOCIOPATH?(You would be surprised at the answer.) pt. II

I have always been curious about why people do the things they do. Why do they behave in certain ways? I have read books on behavior patterns specifically of criminals, since I was young. I remember reading a book by the Head of The Serial Crime Division of the F.B.I. if I have that title correct. He did profiling. I was fascinated when they were off about the age of a suspect because he had spent 20 years in jail.

When you enter the penal system for a length of time, you stop maturing mentally, or psychologically. When you are released it’s like you are being released at the same age you went in.

The Mafia, specifically the Russian Mafia and their intricate tattoo system intrigued me. I would think of what these people could do if they really put their minds to it. Something positive. But you have to remember what was going on at the time.

I have always believed that Serial Killers and Violent Criminals are born not made.

It turns out they are both. I myself am walking proof of what it takes to possibly change the process early on.


Several Neurologists gather around rubbing their chins, eyes, bridges of their nose, and shake their heads. I watch all of these behaviors and I know something isn’t right. No one looks like they want to speak.

They make a decision on who will deliver the news. I wish they had chosen someone else.


  • Every single Serial Killer or Mass Murderer in history has had some symptom of a mental disorder or abuse. (Alley 2014)
  • 42% of Convicted Serial Killers suffered from Physical Abuse as a child.
  • 74% of Convicted Serial Killers suffered from Psychological Abuse.
  • 35% Witnessed Sexual Abuse.
  • 43% Were Sexually Abused themselves. (Michaud & Aynesworth)


BRAINSCANS AND INTERVIEWS ( 4,000 + Participants)

A Psychologist (Kiehl)  with a database of over 4,000 violent criminals with brain scans and thorough interviews found that there were two common elements that consistently showed up. Violent Criminals have less gray matter in the brain and smaller amygdala. The amygdala regulates:

  1. Emotion
  2. Behavior
  3. Motivation

There are other researchers that believe a Chromosome Abnormality could also give a person the predisposition to become a Serial Killer, Violent Criminal, or Mass Murderer.


The Neurologist sat me down in a small room and told me what they had found on the scans of my brain. These were more detailed scans because my hands had started to tremor.

The Neurologist said I had “a remarkably low amount of gray matter” and that the “amygdala part of my brain was smaller than usual”. I also had swelling on the left side of my brain and what looked like white lightning on the right. They said the swelling could have been from an infection in my brain while in the womb or something else.

They sent me on my way. I didn’t find out until recently that I was supposed to have follow up scans for the swelling on my brain. I never did.

My sister or father were always with me when I went to the Neurologists. I had trouble answering some questions due to a stutter that had started.

I was asked if I had ever had any head injuries. Before I could respond one of my family members would immediately say “NO”.

This was inaccurate. I had 2 head injuries. I still have a knot on my head from one that happened years ago. I never went to the Hospital for either one but had lost consciousness for a short time with both.

My family didn’t want me to say anything because they both happened while I was drinking. They were embarrassed. I was ashamed because I allowed someone to hurt me. We should’ve spoke up.







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