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Corey Taylor’s Plethora of Intelligence and Wit



I was watching a radio interview with Corey Taylor the other day. I know an oxymoron. They film their radio interviews. This one was highly entertaining. I couldn’t laugh like I wanted to without bringing up unlady like globs of phlegm. I’ve been sick. You know the whole immune system kidney thing

So Mr. Taylor is discussing a small feud with Kanye West that really only exists in Mr. West’s mind. I dislike calling him Mr. West because he really has not done anything to earn that gentlemanly title. But last time I fought someone over that distinction I wound up in jail. You can stop laughing now. The fight was with a female judge who kept referring to the accuser as “Mr.”. The accuser was a drug selling, woman beating, no good son of a bitch. I decided to call her out on it. Not my finest moment but there are no regrets on that one.

Before we go any further I need to tell you that I personally think Corey Taylor is a master at what he does. His range of musical styles and pitch is crazy good. When you hear him sing Wicked Game you forget he’s a married man with children and I forget I’m a 42 year old sober Bipolar who hasn’t seen a naked man in real life since 2008 maybe even longer.

AUTHOR INTERRUPTION: Another example is the song “From Can To Can’t”. It’s from the Sound City Soundtrack/Documentary that Dave Grohl did. Watching the emotions play out on Taylor’s face is I imagine what one of my therapy sessions would be like if I ever went. Which is tortured, isolated misery, desperation, an emptiness and a longing, spite, doubt, panic, blame, shame and a need to scorch the earth. This is strictly my observation of the song while being sung and in no way is based on any knowledge or fact. (DISCLAIMER) (Happy lawyers?) And I started to refer to Mr. Taylor as just Taylor as if I was a sport’s commentator. My apologies. I get carried away. My parents taught us to always use Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss, huh there are way more for females. I personally don’t care what people call me except for Donna and Dena. My name is close to both and can be a male or female name which annoys me to no end when I get anything addressed to a “Mr.” and all my spam is Viagra based. And I am EXTREMELY OFFENDED BY RUSSIAN BRIDES AND ANYTHING REMOTELY LOOKING LIKE TRAFFICKING! Ok, done.

Kanye West has had at least one song I think I might of have liked. In all good conscience I have to say it might have been the shock therapy. I liked everything right after that.

The thing I dislike about Mr. West is his ability to throw the “race card” into every fight or thing he does. Like an excuse. “I was rude to people but that’s ok because my ancestor’s were held down for centuries and treated badly.”

What I would really like to see is Mr. West’s bank statements showing how much he does for his people that were held down. I would like him to also remember that just because I look Irish as they come with my pale skin, turquoise/sky blue eyes (YES FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, THEY ARE MINE!), and red hair I do have African American in my DNA somewhere. I also have Norse/Scandinavian, Scottish, and Native American blood.

The Native American is more on my mother’s side. When my aunt, who is a recovering alcoholic was at her worse, she looked just like Sitting Bull. It was crazy. Her face was bloated which made her nose more prominent. When I said something to my mother she laughed so hard she peed her pants. Then yelled at me not to say it again. My Grandmother was a what you would call back then a “loose women”. I called her a Psychopath.

The true problem is when you have such delusions of grandeur and there is no one to tell you that you suck. Hell, when I was drinking I thought I could sing. I would sing Aerosmith so loud and what I thought was the best out of anyone in the bar. The same with Motley Crue. Home Sweet Home. I’m surprised people were not throwing things at me and telling me to go home. It was a good thing most of them were afraid of me at that time. Now? I would never get away with it. I have nothing to back it up.

Who knows? If you look at Mr. West’s actions separately I see some warning signs.

  1. Delusions of Grandeur
  2. Promiscuity
  3. Erratic Behavior
  4. Spending Sprees
  5. Control Issues
  6. Hallucinating (Thinks he’s GOD)
  7. Traumatic Past Events

I think it may be time for a Psyche Eval. (I don’t mean me. I’ve had mine.) But I thought someone should mention it. Who better than me?

In closing I would like to thank Slipknot, Stone Sour, and Corey Taylor. You gave me music as an outlet instead of a bottle again or something worse. Is it always healthy when I have road rage and put Psychosocial on at full blast, go 80mph to get next to the person that almost made me crash and roll down my windows. No. But seeing the looks on their faces when they see a skinny, blue eyed, red head with Rhinestone sunglasses, dressed to the nines, staring at them is priceless. It feels so good too. Before I would’ve heard a variation of “fat” comments. Now it’s silence.

P.S. They do call me The Rambler for a reason.

I did realize my mistake in calling the documentary by the wrong name. I suffer from CRS. It’s really the SOUND CITY SOUNDTRACK. Sorry!


Wentworth Prison Better Than Orange is The New Black



I don’t know about you but when I watch a show or movie about prison I expect it to be a little realistic. The ratio of attractive women to unattractive women shouldn’t be so ridiculously off you wonder if they arrested only Victoria Secret Models. Don’t get me wrong I watch Orange is The New Black. It’s well written and has a comedic touch. That being said I think you should give the Australian drama Wentworth Prison a try.

The show has been nominated at least 10 times in Australia for best Drama, Best Acting, and Best Director. After watching just one episode you’ll see why. The show is gritty and horrifying. What one human will do to another to survive and get ahead. And that’s just the staff.

The story centers around Bea Smith a woman who attempts to kill her abusive husband. While in prison her young daughter overdoses. This turns her into a hardened, revenge fueled entity. She decides to become top dog in the prison to accomplish her vendetta.

To do that she has to take out some obstacles. One of these is a character known as Franky Doyle. You don’t know whether to hate her or cry for her. You see it in her eyes. A deep pain that is constantly screaming, causing her to lash out at everything and everyone around her.

The main thing I like about this show is it shows some people are worth saving. It also shows some people you can’t no matter how hard you try. Redemption isn’t in the cards for some of us. For some of these characters, like in the show Banshee, you see them accept it. It’s almost beautiful to watch.


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