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Supporting Family When You Need Support & Other Issues

My sister finally calls this afternoon about our father. I started trying to reach her June 13 at 11:00 a.m. by calling, texting, facebook, and texting again. I refuse to call her husband to get in touch with her. I made it very clear that there was a situation going bad. She talks to him today and he makes everything sound normal. He doesn’t mention pushing me into the wall in his frazzled state and running around until he collapses. This is the last straw. I’ve had enough.

It isn’t just his treatment of me, his personality has changed due to the dialysis and he’s scared. I have seen him crying after he has been mean to me. I understand. I live with him and have always spent the most time with him. I told him today he needs to do his will. He doesn’t understand what my sister and brother will do. I told him straight out. They think they can just release the birds. As for his clocks they know nothing about them and don’t care. If the dogs are still alive they will have to be given to a shelter because I doubt they will be letting me stay long enough to find a place to live with all three of them. He didn’t think this would happen. I told him this is what was said to me. My sister and brother are not animal people so it wouldn’t bother them. They also don’t know that the birds won’t fly “away”. These types of birds will stay where they are. They have no clue about the clocks and the beauty of the workmanship that went into them. My sister mentioned selling the birds to restaurants, something my father would never do and has refused to do in the past.

About the neighbor. I personally inoculated these birds from disease by injecting them in the neck with the proper medicine just like a vet would do. She had seen something on tv. These birds are healthier than any you would find in a breeding program to increase the population of endangered species, which my father has a license to do. With only a 7th grade education. I’m proud as hell that he’s accomplished that. My sister and brother do not get this.

My brother (my father’s stepson) has not called or come over in about 6 months because my father doesn’t allow alcohol in the house and hates talking to someone that has been drinking. My father worries himself sick about what to do about him.

My sister never calls him or comes over. Her excuse is the dogs and that he knows how to use the phone too. He has called her many, many times with no response until I get involved. This makes me the bad guy.

So what I’m saying is they deserve nothing. I took care of my mother while she was dying in this house. They never came. I am now taking care of my father in the last stage of kidney failure on dialysis. I am the only one that offered a kidney. Mine are damaged. I didn’t know. I would give him the world if I could. He used to joke and smile with me all the time. Not anymore. He feels like I do. A burden. He isn’t, I just don’t want to lose him but at the same time he scares me.

My mom got pregnant on purpose. He was scared and left for awhile. When he came back that was it he was committed. He changed diapers, brushed our hair, fed us, my mom had one he had the other. He didn’t have to come back. But he did and chose to be the best father he knew how to be. He never really had one, there were no hugs in his family and no expressions of emotion. No one told each other “I love you”. He made sure that changed with us. How hard that had to have been for him. He said it was all because of my mom. I believe it.

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