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The Media Strikes Again

I would like to thank CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, and all news Networks that continue to perpetuate the false information or stigma of the Mentally Ill. BRAVO!! Continuing to label people that do these awful things as “Bipolar” and “Mentally Ill” without knowing a true diagnosis is egregious to say the least. It is horrible for the families of the victims and made worse by creating hate.

I am Bipolar and like most Bipolar people have had violence done to me and would only hurt myself. Here let me show you.d6ed0ae2edb4172b1230f1477035c0f746437e362448885cde3276496fa615de19af00d4e559cd4de3998502b3204567So thank you media for all that you don’t do for the Mental Health Community.

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