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There are times when you hear a song, an interview, or a radio show and hear a celebrity say something that resonates with how you feel. There’s a reason for that. There’s a reason that people who are depressed or suicidal feel the need to make contact with a famous person they’ve heard.

I’ve found myself feeling the same way at the times. You listen to them and you think “Finally someone who understands me. Someone who knows my pain, emptiness, the all consuming darkness that encompasses me at times”. I get it. I do. When you hear lyrics that describe to a T an actual moment in your life, how can you not feel that way? When you watch an interview of a person describing the same trauma and pain you’ve been through you think you have a connection.

Unfortunately, you don’t. I strongly advise you not to contact them when you are depressed or suicidal. You are opening yourself up to a world that doesn’t understand and most likely doesn’t care to understand. The person you contact is put on the spot and under the pressure of someone else’s mental health. This isn’t fair to them. Some do not react appropriately because they either don’t know how or because they have their own shit to deal with. They may make jokes or become irritated with the person contacting them. Then how does that make the depressed person feel? Not better.

This isn’t going to make me popular but at this point I don’t really care. I’m tired of everything I see and hear. I’m tired of the lack of humanity. I’m tired of the narcissism. I am tired of being dismissed and witnessing people with mental health problems actually being told to kill themselves on Social Media. I’m tired of this vile activity being viewed as acceptable. I’m tired of the lack of compassion for anyone on this planet that isn’t like you.

Dave Navarro has a radio podcast called Dark Matter. On a recent episode there was a caller who was depressed. I’m not sure anyone in the studio knew how to handle it. A person with a background in Mental Health/Depression/Suicide on hand might be a good thing when a call goes south or to help screen calls. Mr. Navarro’s documentary has opened him up to a new audience. His work with Domestic Abuse Victims has also. The documentary deals with trauma, addiction, and pain. These are all the criteria for people with mental health issues.

People also see him on TV every week making them feel as if they know him more. The unfortunate thing is the followers on the Dark Matter chat site. Some encouraged the caller to kill himself. They were also discussing previous “crazy” people that had been callers. *so you know I’m pretty sure if you added Uncle Creepy’s IQ with Renticles mine would still be higher. I hate to stoop to that level but the point needs to be made that we are not idiots*

What anyone with a Mental Health problem has to understand is that they are people like us but not. They don’t have to talk to you. You can’t guilt someone into giving you what you need. You know how badly I wanted to call in and discuss Judas Priest and Kip Winger? I was so excited because I’ve seen Priest in concert at least 6 times and I’ve seen Rob Halford when he was in the band Fight. I didn’t hear them mention that and I had met Rob Halford at that time. The band Voivod was with them and a member of the band “Piggy” liked my cousin. So glad it wasn’t me. lol I’ve also met Kip Winger and thought he was a nice guy. But the nicest guy I’ve ever met is Mike Tramp from White Lion. I was on his bus for about 4 hours discussing the movie Gladiator and Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. We even talked about how we would see it as a movie. His English isn’t perfect so that’s why it was 4 hours. I feel a connection with Mr. Navarro for the same reasons as other people. We have the same interests, we’ve met or know a lot of the same people, our sense of humor is similar, but I had to realize that it doesn’t mean anything.

This doesn’t make me worthless, ugly, or unwanted. No one else can make your problems go away no matter who they are. That’s something only you can do. I understand the need to connect and feel visible. But you won’t get it this way. What you will get is groups of ignorant people who only feel good about themselves by destroying others. Or they are trying to impress the celebrity they are following. Most of the time it isn’t appreciated but the can’t monitor everything.

I was happy to see Dark Matter issue a statement on their Facebook page. It won’t stop anything but it can’t hurt either.

Then next time anyone is feeling depressed/suicidal come here instead of contacting an actor/actress/musician. You might just find what you’re looking for.

DISCLAIMER~ I am not a Doctor I just play one online. I have lived through pretty much everything there is that life can throw at you. Including my own death from kidney failure, death of loved ones, suicide attempts, alcoholism, violence, arrests, Mental Health diagnoses, stigma, hatred, memory loss, and more. I sound awesome!national-suicide-prevention-hotline

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