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My Grandmother’s Scarabs


And Now Something Fun

We all have different ways of coping with everyday stress and Bipolar Episodes. Some find counseling, group therapy, one on one therapy, yoga, etc., etc., to be helpful. I find keeping my mind occupied helps. I try photography and I make jewelry. These things make me happy. I get lost in the details and the artistry so I don’t have room to think about anything else. For me this helps. It doesn’t mean it’s the right way to deal with things but it’s the way that works for me after trying everything else. I don’t know if it’s healthy or not. I keep getting pressured to go to therapy. Not by my Doctor but my sister. She doesn’t understand how many I’ve been to and how many bad experiences I’ve had. I’ve decided it isn’t my job to convince her. If she can’t accept my decision than too bad. Someday I’ll find the right person, until then it’s photography and jewelry.DSC01268 (2)DSC01270 (3)DSC01271 (3)DSC01275DSC01274DSC01269

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